Tender Words of Our Lord to St. Mechtilde.

“But when this poor human heart is contrite and broken with sorrow and cries out, ‘I will arise and got to my Father,’ the Sacred Heart thrills with joy. I say to thee, that no matter how great his sins may be, at that same moment, if he sincerely repents, I forgive all his sins, and My Heart inclines towards him with as much mercy and sweetness as though he had never sinned.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

“It is a great joy to Me that men expect great gifts from Me. If any of them expected to receive from Me greater rewards than he had deserved after this life and, if, in consequence, he thanked Me for them during his life, he would thus give Me so much pleasure that, now matter how great his faith or extraordinary his confidence, I would reward him beyond his merit; it is impossible that a man should not receive what he has believed and hoped for. Therefore it is good for a man to hope much in Me, and to place in Me all his confidence.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

“Enter and travel through My divine Heart, see its length and breadth; its length is the eternity of My goodness, and its breadth the love and the desire I have always had for thy salvation. Consider this length and breadth- that is, take possession of it, for all the good that thou dost find in My Heart really belongs to thee.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

At the Wound in His Heart He said: “This wound is so large that it embraces Heaven and Earth and all they contain; come, place thy love near to My divine love, that it may be perfected and so blended with it as to become only one love, as iron is identified with the fire.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

The Son of God deigns to lower Himself to each of us. He stands at our door and knocks, saying: “O son of man, give Me thy heart and receive Mine.” As soon as the soul answers, “Enter, O well-beloved Lord,” He takes possession of us, but by a happy exchange we take possession of Him. “The bee,” He tell us, “does not fly with greater eagerness to the green meadows than do I to thy soul when it calls Me. Now My Heart is thine and thy heart is Mine.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

“I follow,” He tells us, “this sinful soul ceaselessly, and when it returns to Me, by repentance, desire or love, I rejoice exceedingly. It is impossible to confer a greater favour on a debtor than to bestow on him the means to pay his debts: I have become, in a way, a debtor to My Father, by undertaking to satisfy for the sins of men, so I can wish for no greater joy than to see men return to Me by repentance and love.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde