A Revelation That Most Catholics Are Saved.

Venerable Joseph of St. Benedict (d. 1723) was a holy lay-brother of the Benedictine Order of Montserrat in Spain. He was favoured with many mystical gifts, such as visions and the discernment of spirits. Venerable Joseph declares that he is “divinely certain” that the greater number of Catholics are saved. As a part of the process to declare him Venerable, 40 doctors and theologians examined his writings, and “none objected to his thesis” (Fr. William Most).

I mention this revelation for two reasons, primarily:

1. To call to mind the fact that there are contrary revelations; therefore, we should not place our hope in something so uncertain. (Our hope should be in Christ, whose burden is light, provided that we offer him our good will, without reserve. Such souls need not fear damnation, as St. Claude says).

2. To remind oneself that the love and mercy of God are a reason for loving Him more, not less. 


The revelations of Ven. Joseph of St. Benedict can be found in the book, ‘Fratris Josephi a Sancto Benedicto Opera Omnia’ (available in Latin on ‘Google Books’). The censura of Fr. Dominici Lossada relates to the number of the elect.