Our Lord’s Tender Love, as Revealed to Sr. Gertrude Mary.

Our Lord’s Tender Love, as Revealed to Sr. Gertrude Mary.

“When anyone comes to Me to console Me, then our two souls melt into one; for by this Divine kiss they pass one into the other.” – Jesus to Sr. Gertrude Mary The following words are taken from the writings … Continue reading

The Infinite Dignity of the Holy Eucharist!

The Eucharist is truly God! We must always be well-prepared to receive our Divine Spouse, Who longs to establish His kingdom in our hearts, in our souls! What a profoundly humbling thought!

“We read of Frances of the Mother of God, that one day before Communion those words of the Apocalypse were deeply imprinted on her mind, He hath loved us and washed away our sins in His Blood. Presently our Lord said to her interiorly,

I have shed My Blood for your sins, and now I come in Holy Communion to wash away the stains which remain.

When she had received our Lord, she saw her soul all covered with Blood.” (p. 293 of ‘The Precious Blood’ by F. W. Faber)

Let us always bear in our hearts the consoling truth that God delights in making an abode in our souls: https://littlestsouls.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/your-soul-is-my-heaven/

If we have a firm resolution to never, ever commit a mortal sin (at the very least), and if we make frequent acts of praise, thanksgiving and adoration, then Jesus will surely increase our love for Him, which should grow in us with every Holy Communion, lest we become more and more unworthy.

Let us be diligent in preparing well for Holy Communion. The following words of Our Lord to St. Angela of Foligno may challenge us, but they will do us good:

“… in receiving Me unworthily [in Holy Communion] they again crucify Me and give Me to drink of a more bitter cup than that which the Jews offered Me. But as I permitted the Jews to take hold of Me and drag Me through the city to Calvary, so now do I suffer injury from those who receive me without devotion, and who handle Me irreverently. Hence thou shalt tell thy confessor that I command him never again to give the Communion of My Body to any person, whether religious or secular, unless… he be disposed to obey My commandments and to do My Will. For the Communions of worldlings and their lives are an exceeding offence to Me.” – Jesus to St. Margaret of Cortona

Do not have scruples on this issue. Jesus is our Beloved, and wishes to be our Spouse. Let us never offer Him this offence. Whether or not we have, let us remember His mercy:

“… however hardened in sin a man may be, if he returns to Me without pretence and with a sincere heart, I will receive him back into the fullness of My Mercy and Grace. Moreover, I send My angels to watch over them and frequently to urge them to do penance.”

– Jesus to St. Margaret of Cortona

Let us also make reparation for our faults by doing some small penance, and being more faithful in the future. Furthermore, we should recall the fact that the Mass gives infinitely more glory to God (without exaggeration), and makes more reparation than all our good deeds; therefore, what better remedy for our faults than to receive Jesus with much fervour and humility in the future?!

When we receive Jesus in Holy Communion, we may recall the tender words He addressed to St. Maragaret of Cortona:

“My spouse, fear him not, for I, thine own Beloved, am with thee.”