Offer Your Indulgences for the Poor Souls in Purgatory!

The Poor Souls in Purgatory suffer intensely, and they desperately need our help! One could quote many a Saint, Doctor of the Church, private revelation, and so on, confirming this fact; but the following consideration will suffice:

St. Teresa of Avila, while yet a pilgrim on earth, was overcome with such an intense longing for God that this constituted for her a veritable torture. Our Lord told her that this thirst for Himself – a manifestation of His intimate union with a soul – would be her Purgatory on earth, comparing her suffering and purification to gold in the furnace! (Perhaps you have read about the very “Purgatorial” sufferings of St. Catherine of Genoa?)

While it is true that Purgatory has varying types and degrees of punishments, the truth remains that there are many souls there who are literally burning with desire to see God face to Face, but who can do nothing to ease their pain. This is up to us. It is such an easy way to practice a very high form of charity! Also, the dividends are enormous… but that is secondary.

If Bl. John Massias released 1.2 million souls from Purgatory, we can at least hope to release a few souls! If St. John Vianney said that an aspiration (i.e. a short prayer, such as “My Jesus, mercy!”) often *saved* a soul, surely our prayers for the poor souls will not be in vain.

As you may know, the Church possesses the Keys to an Infinite Treasury of graces. Consider the Sacred Heart; consider the nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. “I am the Door,” said Jesus; yes, and He gave St. Peter (and, by extension, the Church) the Keys.

Indulgences, put simply, are the application of Christ’s merits to a soul; they are a means of repairing the damage done by sin; they remit some or all of the temporal punishment that one is owing to God. Indulgences can be partial or plenary. It is definitely worth doing some more reading on the subject if you are not too familiar with it.

Since praying more seriously for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, my life has changed for the better. If you want to please Christ; if you want to console His aching members; if you want to amass a treasury of merits for Heaven; if you want many holy souls (and Heavenly friends) praying for you, then say many indulgenced prayers, and offer them all to Our Lady. As the Queen of Purgatory, she will distribute our indulgences in the best way possible.

“Father Faber, in his beautiful book “All for Jesus,” enumerates six advantages which accrue to us, from our giving over our Indulgences to the
holy souls in Purgatory.

1. First, it considerably increases our merit, and consequently our claim to glory.
2. Next, it lays the soul that we release under a particular obligation to us, both because of the singular benefit it receives from entering all the sooner into glory, and also because of the tremendous sufferings from which it is delivered.
3. Moreover, it gives us the consolation to think that those, whom we have released from Purgatory, are doing for us in heaven the great work of loving, praising, and glorifying God on our behalf.
4. Again, it adds fresh joy to the Church triumphant, from the fact that to the heavenly hierarchy a new citizen is added who can sin no more, whilst to the Church militant it brings comfort from the gain she has made of a new advocate.
5. Besides, it secures a prompt application of our Indulgences, which, in the possible case that we were in no want of them for ourselves, might remain for many years buried in the treasury of the Church.
6. And last of all, it entitles us to a speedy discharge of our own debt in Purgatory; for, if temporal alms are satisfactory above most other good works, much more will spiritual alms be so. And if he who gives up anything for God receives a hundredfold, we may have a security that, to recompense us for our generosity, He will so deal with us, that we shall need little Purgatory, or He will inspire devout souls to
pray for us.”
(Taken from ‘Indulgences: Their Origin, Nature and Development’ by Alexius M. Lepicier)

“To become a saint it is sufficient to gain all the indulgences possible.”
– St. Alphonsus


6 thoughts on “Offer Your Indulgences for the Poor Souls in Purgatory!

  1. Hi Ben! Here is the quote from Saint Faustina’s Diary, I copied it online and am very familiar with it, there is so much in that Diary….”The second light concerns speaking. I sometimes talk too much. A thing could be settled in one or two words, and as for me, I take too much time about it. But Jesus wants me to use that time to say some short indulgenced prayers for the souls in PURGATORY. And the Lord says that every word will be weighed on the day of judgment.”—So for us to do the same would be a good idea…especially since the “Eternal rest….” prayer is double indulgenced for us until November as I said above….St. Gertrude provides us so much and I too offer Communion as you do daily for a Patron Saint, sometimes for all the Feast day Saints, but I also put an “and for the Holy Souls” in there….On the First 9 Wednesday Devotion to honor St. Joseph you specifically offer communion for to honor him and for the dying (as he is their Patron Saint)….God bless you!!!–Tommy

  2. Hey Tommy!

    Thanks for the reminder! … Actually, I’m not sure I even knew that; my memory varies.

    I don’t recall reading that Our Lord said that to St. Faustina, either! Do you have the quote (I’d love to read it). Cheers!

    That is a beautiful recommendation that was made to St. Gertrude. She was favoured with so many privileges like this that I have lost count, and therefore find it impossible to practice more than a few of them. I love to offer the Adorable Eucharist to increase the joy and glory of the Saints. This is so easy to do, and it is so natural to want to please your friends.

    I could not agree more with Fr. Paul of Moll. I haven’t actually finished that book of prayers, but I have read many of them, and I have adapted a few of them for my personal use.

    All the best, brother!

    Benedicamus Domino!


  3. In this Year Of Mercy whenever you do a Spiritual Work Of Mercy (or Corporal) such as praying for the dead/Holy Souls–YOU GET A JUBILEE INDULGENCE ALSO!!! This is until November! As Jesus told St. Faustina say short indulgenced prayers for the Holy Souls—This is on page 99 of the current Manual Of Indulgences only available thru the USCCB (Many use an out of date one, and Amazon was selling that one until it sold out recentl–it was way out of date and not accurate….) a partial indulgence for the Holy Souls: “Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace.”—Requiem aeternam.

    Easy to memorize and double indulgenced this year for us and the Holy Souls–I say it all day long and when I’m not — I thank God/Jesus for the graces He has granted various Saints and then say “Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes” three times….Jesus told St. Gertrude if you do this Jesus “increases grace in our Souls through the merit of that Saint” and we will be eternally glad we did this in Heaven–it’s in her prayer book, page 143 that is free online and which everyone should have….Father Paul of Moll, an 1800s Miracle Worker like Padre Pio for us, said it was the “most beautiful prayer book” at p. 236 of the bio on him and it is–Jesus gave almost all the prayers, or His Mother, and for specific stated graces in the intros to each, what a treasure, I say many/most daily….Everyone should! God bless you!!!
    St G– Father Paul–

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