If there were no Misery, there would be no Mercy

“The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy…”
– Psalm 119:64

The following words of consolation are taken from ‘Divine Communications,’ Vol. 1, by Rev. Auguste Saudreau, the master of mysticism:

‘Once,’ relates Mother Mary of the Divine Heart, ‘having committed some sins of impatience, I asked Our Lord to forgive me, and I said to him: “Why do you still let me have these faults, seeing that I do nothing but offend You by them?” He answered that when I fell into these faults and asked His pardon with humility and contrition, this act of humiliation glorified Him more than the faults offended Him, as they were committed more out of human frailty than deliberately, and they gave Him an opportunity to show His mercy and to wash the soul in His Precious Blood, and that thereby His precious Blood became daily more fruitful.’

Another time, in order to reassure her, Our Lord made this comparison: “Suppose a wife was carrying a precious vase that belonged to her husband, and let it drop out of weakness or inattention, would not the husband feel more compassion when he thought of his wife’s weakness and the distress she would feel at her carelessness, than irritation at the loss of the vase?”

But in order that our contrition may make up for our negligences to this extent, it must be inspired by pure love; if we are only grieved at our own continual wretchedness, this too human sorrow will not have the same effect. (p. 113)

… All prayers are appreciated! I gratefully offer daily Mass for every reader of ‘Littlest Souls.’

Pax Christi!


6 thoughts on “If there were no Misery, there would be no Mercy

  1. Hello!

    Yes. Many saints used to hide themselves in the wounds of Jesus Christ and especially in the wound of the Side. They used to place their will, desires, actions, sins, .. etc

    Thank you and looking forward for your next post!

    God bless

  2. Hey Charbel!

    Thanks for the thanks, and for the prayers, and for the sound advice!

    Another practice that I have found to be very efficacious, is to place one’s will in the pierced Side of Jesus. St. Margaret Mary overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles by this very means.

    Your patron is Bl. (soon to be St.) Elizabeth of the Trinity!


  3. Hello,

    Yes! So you know St. Charbel 🙂 Indeed, he is a very great saint.

    Of course will pray for you.

    And the new post is amazing. You reminded me of the importance of uniting our desires and intentions. I used to do this a lot before when i first read St. Gertrude and Mechtilde’s beautiful books.

    And it is important to unite our daily actions to the Passion of Our lord, to the merits of His Sacred Wounds and Precious blood and to offer them through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Eternal Father for the glory of God and salvation of souls.

    If you want, choose me the patron saint of this year :).

    Thank you!

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