17 Lessons/Revelations on How to Love


“I shall make use of thee to communicate Myself to My creatures, and to make known to them My Will.”
– Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero

How to Love God (How to be Holy)

*The following revelations are taken from incredible biography of Sr. Benigna Consolata:


Look at Jesus

  1. “Keep thy eye fixed on God.”

Imitate Jesus

  1. “Now, in what does sanctity consist ? In becoming as far as possible the living image of thy Spouse. Copy Me, copy Me constantly, and therefore have the eyes of thy soul ever fixed upon thy Jesus.”

God’s Word

  1. “They should live off the Gospel, as they live on the air, on light, on food…”


  1. “I know what is good for thee; let Me act.”


  1. “Thou art walking in obscurity, it is true; but thou art not alone, I am with thee; abandon everything to me then, like a poor blind person who trusts in the guide with perfect confidence.”

Confidence in God

  1. “Confidence in thy Jesus, who loves thee so much, a loving confidence, a boundless confidence.”


  1. “Have an affection for recollection, silence and solitude; every beginning is difficult, especially when there is question of practicing virtue; but do not be afraid; thou shalt become strong through My grace, provided thou bury thy littleness in My Mercy.”

Charity in Words

  1. “Let thy words be a perfume of sweetness.”


  1. “One Ave Maria said without sensible fervor, but with a pure will in time of aridity, has much more value in My eyes, than an entire Rosary recited in the midst of consolations. Write this for the comfort of souls.”

The Cross

  1. “The most precious gift I can make to My friends is that of the Cross. I send to the soul what costs it most, what it dreads most; this is the best means of making it advance.”


  1. “My Benigna, I am going to explain this great word, annihilation. Annihilation means death. A thought comes which pleases thee ; banish it, forget it, and it is the death of that thought; sacrifice a desire, and it is the death of that desire; when thou hast a will to do something and renouncest it, it is the death of that will; every act of death is an act of life, because the moment thou diest to nature thou livest to God.”


  1. “Humility will lead thee never to judge anyone; humility will lead thee to regard thyself as the servant of all; humility will lead thee ever to accuse thyself. When a soul has been introduced by Love into this profound abyss of humility, she walks securely and makes progress, for nothing can stop her.”


  1. “My Benigna, thou knowest a little thorn may make a great rent, but if one is careful to take it out immediately, it leaves scarcely a trace. When thou art afraid of having displeased me, say at once; My Jesus, if I have offended thee in anything, grant me the grace to repair it; and deign to enlighten me that another time I may better accomplish thy will.”


  1. “Praise God always for all the benefits I have bestowed upon thee.”


  1. “Elevate thy heart to God by continual acts of love.”


  1. “Intention most pure of pleasing God in all thou doest, in all thou sayest, in all thou thinkest, in all thou desirest.”


  1. (On June 13, 1915, the Feast of the Sacred Heart) Sr. Benigna Consolata writes: ‘He said to me in a sweet, sad tone: “My Benigna, give me souls!” The plaintive words of my Adorable Master moved me profoundly. — How shall I give Thee souls, my Jesus? — “By sacrifices,” He responded.’

12 thoughts on “17 Lessons/Revelations on How to Love

  1. I always keep you in my heart when I pray!

    On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 9:29 AM, Littlest Souls wrote:

    > Littlest Souls posted: ” “I shall make use of thee to communicate Myself > to My creatures, and to make known to them My Will.” – Jesus to Sr. Benigna > Consolata Ferrero “My dear Sister,” Servant of God Sr. Benigna Consolata > (d. Sept 1, 1916) When I first came across Sr. Benigna C” >

  2. Thank you so much, dear Julie, for your kind response!

    … It is my pleasure to share the words of the Saints, and the words of Our Lord and Our Lady to these privileged souls. It is my firm belief that these messages are a gift from God to His children; I cannot help but do my little bit to help spread such messages of love and mercy.

    Your vocation is very important. Please adopt me as your little child or little brother; I need all the prayers I can get. Meanwhile, I will pray daily for you and your husband.

    Pax Domini!

  3. Praise God!
    … wondering if you will be able to continue nourishing us with jewels of our Catholic faith from the mystical body of the saints. I do hope so.
    Last of all, thank you for bearing your soul, explaining the genesis of this website, and who you are. Every time I ask God a question recently, questions which usually deal with feeling worthless in the kingdom, you have thrown out the answer in “littlest souls”. God has been using you greatly in my life. I envy you being able to take vows. All my life, since early childhood, I felt called to the contplative life . But God had other plans. I married a soulmate who is very spiritual. He understands my need to pray and since I am disabled, he takes me to the church where I lay by the sanctuary for 2 to 4 hours a day. It is quite delightful. He is very prayerful also but prays by doing, like Brother Lawrence. We both have a very little hidden way. Mine involves a significant amount of pain and so all your little Saints and their conversations with Jesus have helped me turn my pain into a gift to give to Jesus too! God bless you Ben!!

  4. Thank you for your blog, which has been a great source of consolation to me and (I’m sure) many other readers. Pray for me and my loved ones as I will pray for you!

  5. Praise God! May He be glorified forever! Asking Our Lady to wrap you in her mantle and draw you closer each day to the Heart of her son, Jesus.

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