Patron Saint Selections, 2016

Dear friends,

Firstly, if anyone would still like to participate: you are most welcome. I will continue with the selection for another few days.

Okay. For those who have commented: thank you for your kind words and/or for participating! Here are the results, starting with the first comment:

Lisa H: St. Therese

Rebecca: Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Shelley: St. Faustina

Tommy: Bl. Dom Columba Marmion

Kelly: St. John Paul II
Catherine: Bl. Mother Teresa
Denise: Bl. Dom Columba Marmion

Maryann: Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero

Josie: Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero

ES: Ven. Marthe Robin
KP: Pope St. John Paul II
BU: Sr. Jeanne Benigne Gojos
JF: Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity
RB: St. Padre Pio
LS: St. Francis de Sales
TR: Sr. Gertrude Mary
RR: St. Therese
JC: St. Gemma Galgani
AR: Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity
KN: St. Crescentia Hoess
MN: Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity
GN: Fr. Paul of Moll
YN: Sr. Josefa Menendez
BN: Pope St. John Paul II
KR: Sr. Gertrude Mary
JR: Bl. Dom Columba Marmion
NR: Ven. Marthe Robin

Get to know your heavenly friend! A few of these holy souls are lesser known. Try for Sister Gertrude Mary, St. Crescentia, Sr. Jeanne Benigne Gojos, Sr. Benigna Consolata, and Fr. Paul of Moll.

Offer at least one Mass in thanksgiving to your new patron and to God. St. Gertrude assures us that this is most pleasing to God and His saints.

Let me know how everything goes!

Jesus, I trust in You!


14 thoughts on “Patron Saint Selections, 2016

  1. Thanks Melvin! Great story! St. Faustina had – and continues to have – a huge influence on me, too. We even share the same birthday.

    I wish you all the best with your ministry; it is a noble one. You are in my prayers.


  2. Do you want the remedy? Look at Jesus.

    ‘My heart hath said to thee: My face hath sought thee: thy face, O Lord, will I still seek.’ (Ps. 27:8) His gaze is full of mercy. Look at the Divine Mercy image from time to time. Our Lord said to St. Faustina that this is like His gaze from the Cross. And to Sr. Benigna Consolata, Our Lord said that, while on the Cross, He opened His blood-filled eyes to look with tenderness upon His executioners. Do not fear God; fear sin (even then, our fear should be regulated by confidence in God, which produces peace).

    God is full of compassion to those who seek Him, to those who He inspires to come to Him:

    “Yea I have loved thee with everlasting love, therefore have I drawn thee, taking pity on thee.” (Jer. 31:3). “For thou, O Lord, art sweet and mild: and plenteous in mercy to all that call upon thee.” (Ps. 86:5)

    Every distrustful thought that comes to you is from “below.” What you need to focus on; what we all need to focus on, is the merciful gaze of Jesus. He is captivated by our love; even the slightest movement towards Him, and He hastens to meet us.

    Discouragement breeds discouragement. Blind trust is the remedy. The fact is that none of us can achieve anything without God. He often permits us to fall so that we will be cured of our presumptuous, distrustful pride. If you fall, simply acknowledge your fault(s), then hasten to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was pierced for love of us, and cast your sins into that infinite abyss! By doing this, we acquire priceless virtues of perseverance, confidence and humility. We actually acquire more than we have lost (according to the revelations of Our Lord to Sr. Josefa). Don’t place your confidence in how well you correspond to grace; put your confidence in God, Who is the Source of all grace. Whatever you do, do NOT dwell on your faults and the cause(s) thereof. You will find more light and strength in 5 seconds spent looking at the image of the Divine Mercy than you will in 5 hours spent obsessing over your own misery and weakness.

    Meditate on Psalm 86:5, and keep in mind that sanctity does not consist in few faults, but the gift of self to God.

    Read about St. Philomena and ask her to help you. She is a martyr for purity.

    Speak to Our Lady as you would your mother. The Saints often addressed the Queen of Heaven as “Mamma!” She is your “Mamma”, too! Always remember that. Mary is the Mother of Mercy; simply be in her presence and she will take extra special care of you. Send her a kiss every morning and evening (you can kiss your Scapular, for example), as Dom Pius de Hemptinne was wont to do. She loves you and knows how much you need her intercession; don’t wrong that love, or the love of her Son.

    You are in my prayers.

    Pax Domine!

  3. Hey Patty! Tell your sister I say thank you 🙂

    Your patron is: Sr./Mother Yvonne-Aimee! (She is an incredible Servant of God! You are the first person to have her name drawn.)

  4. Your posts have greatly helped me! I like them because they are real and relatable. I was sitting in Mass today and left feeling extremely discouraged. I have no spiritual joy…I find it more of a burden and my relationship with God is based on fear.

    As a kid, I had a strong devotion to Mary (at least I think I did) but that went down the drain years ago. Since then, I struggled and haven’t been constant in my pray life, the sacraments, and daily devotions. I can’t even complete an entire Hail Mary without being temped. My temptations get even stronger when I try to reestablish my devotion to Mary.

  5. I’m looking for a saint foe myself! My sister sent me this site. She has been following it for quite some time.

  6. No worries, Rachel!

    ER: Sr. Consolata Betrone
    PT: Sr. Mary of the Holy Trinity
    EG: Sr. Josefa Menendez
    (Interestingly – and perhaps conveniently – a small biography of these three sisters, as well as a selection of their private revelations, can be found in the book ‘Words of Love’ by Fr. Bartholomew Gottemoller.)

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