Last post until the New Year…

Dear readers,

Today I will be leaving home to embark on a 5 week trip around Europe. I was hoping to post part 2 of the last article, but I simply haven’t had the time.

Please pray that I, and those with whom I travel, may be safe. I will be arriving in Paris in approximately 30 hours.

From Paris I will be travelling to Italy, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, and most likely, Poland.

I will not forget to pray for the readers of “Littlest Souls”, asking Mary, the Mother of Mercy, to draw you, and many other souls, to the Heart of her Beloved Son. Be a “little soul” and all will go well for you.

Jesus to St. Mechtilde: “I, who am the Creator of the Universe, need no reward, but you yourself are My reward since My Heavenly Father has given you to Me to be My spouse and My child.”

St. Mechtilde: “Why, most loving Lord, do you act thus towards me, who have nothing of good in me?”

Jesus: “Because of My Goodness, because I have placed the delights of My heart in you.”

Pax Domine!


6 thoughts on “Last post until the New Year…

  1. Thank you, I look forward to reading that and I have past your blog on as it is so good….I added you as a Mass prayer intention and to my 3pm Divine Mercy Hour Stations of the Cross intentions. Have a great trip and be safe. God bless you!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Tommy! That is fantastic news!

    Yes, St. Gertrude always leads her devotees to the Sacred Heart! She has obtained, I believe, at least one enormous grace for me.

    If you love St. Gertrude, you will love Sr. Jeanne Benigne Gojos! I will refer to her in the next article.

    Pax Domine.

  3. Great blog! Just found it recently…returned to the Catholic Church after 40 years due to several miracles…devoted follower of Saint Gertrude and the Sacred Heart…Have a great trip! Will pray for you! God bless you!!!

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