Daily Revelation and Reflection: The Love of God (#4)

 “If you knew the great advantages and splendid fruits of your sufferings for the noble intentions I recommended to you, you would be ready to sacrifice a thousand lives if necessary, to gain this inexpressible benefit for My Church.”

– Jesus to Mother Dominique-Marie Clare (d. 1895)

Why do we despise sufferings? Temptations? Trials? God permits them for our greater good. They are great blessings if we know how to make use of them. When tried by suffering, we must imitate Mary. She never stopped searching for Jesus; He was her Life and All.

A story is told of St. Margaret Mary in which she addressed these words to Our Lord before receiving Holy Communion: “O my Lord, teach me what you wish me to say to You.”

Jesus replied:

“Nothing, My child, except these words: O my God, my sole Good and my All, You are all for me, and I am all for You. These words will keep you from all kinds of temptations; they will supply for all the acts you would fain do; and they will serve as a preparation for your actions.’ 

“An act of perfect conformity to the will of God unites us more to Him than a hundred other acts of virtue.” (St. Alphonsus).

“Your sufferings have great value because they are united to Mine.”

– Jesus to Marie Brotel


4 thoughts on “Daily Revelation and Reflection: The Love of God (#4)

  1. That sounds very interesting. My younger brother is an avid photographer. I guess I’m more of an appreciator!

    Don’t worry, I will keep writing. I hope to publish a book within the next couple of years, but we’ll see. It is very time-consuming.

    Thanks for your support.

    Take care and God bless.

  2. 🙂 I was born and raised into an honorable deer hunting family, but I have ONLY ever hunted with a camera. I am a wildlife photographer, in my relaxation time…specializing in white-tailed deer…hence the title. I study and document there lives…I guess I could also have the title Deer Biographer… 🙂

    Please continue writing, so I can keep reading…your blog is food for my soul…again…thank you!

  3. I always look forward to reading your blogs and I VERY much enjoyed this series. The timing of it was perfect for me, so I thank you. I anxiously anticipate your next blog…and again THANK YOU!!!

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