An Updated Post on Scrupulosity

Dear friends, I have updated an old post on how to overcome scruples/scrupulosity. It is new and improved. The article can be found here:

Much has been added!

I would also like to say that, for the next month or so, I will be staying in a monastery far from my home, where I will be discerning a vocation to the religious life. Please keep me in your prayers.

 “… St. Antoninus agrees with Gerson in thus reproving the scrupulous soul who, through a vain fear, is not obedient in overcoming his scruples: ‘Beware lest, from overmuch desire to walk securely, thou fall and destroy thyself.’”

– Rev. J. B. Scaramelli, S.J.

 “Scruples are like tight shoes. You can’t walk in them. Despise them.”

– St. Padre Pio


2 thoughts on “An Updated Post on Scrupulosity

  1. Dear Brother , I will for sure pray for you while you are discerning your vocation. Your blog is by far my favorite and I always look forward to seeing your latest posting.
    May God biess you for trusting in and bringing others to believe in His Infinte Love ! I will for sure pray for you !
    Your little sister

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