Words from the Saints and Mystics on Humility


“Humility is Truth.” (St. Padre Pio). The humble soul lives in the infused light of truth; she realises that “everything is grace” (St. Therese); she is necessarily joyful because she is well acquainted with Our Lord, Who is Truth and Goodness Incarnate. “The happiness of God becomes the happiness of the humble soul.” (Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity)

“It is the spirit of gratitude which draws down upon us the overflow of God’s grace, for no sooner have we thanked Him for one blessing than He hastens to send us ten additional favours in return.” – St. Therese

Consider the following revelation, which bears witness to the truth that “everything is grace”: “… God calls and rouses the soul by His holy inspirations and continual promptings, provides the help of the sacraments, doctrines and commandments, urges man onward through his angels, preachers, confessors, ministers and teachers, by special tribulations and favours, by the example of strangers, by trials, death and other happenings and dispositions of his Providence; He disposes the things of life so as to draw toward Him all men, for He wishes all to be saved.” (Our Lady to Ven. Mary of Agreda)

+ The nearer we approach Jesus, the more we will realise our own nothingness.
++ The more we realise our own nothingness, the better we will know the immense Goodness of God.
+++ The better we know the immense Goodness of God, the more we will be inclined to trust in Him alone.

Strange thing it is to place any trust in ourselves! We are nothingness itself! Far from being a negative, self–deprecating view, this is a liberating truth, for it gives us the OBLIGATION and the PRIVILEGE to abandon ourselves without reserve to our Heavenly Father:

“This is for you the most comforting saying in the Gospel [‘Without Me you can do nothing’], because it excuses all your weaknesses and throws you in complete abandonment upon the Heart of God. There, dissolved in a single act of love, you may ask what you will, and it will be granted you!” – Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone

The humble soul places all her confidence in God, Who delights in our trust. “Should we fall a thousand times in a day, a thousand times we must rise again, always animated with unbounded confidence in the infinite goodness of God.” (Ven. Louis of Granada) “God is supreme strength, fortifying those who place their trust and confidence in Him.” (St. Catherine of Siena) “Prayer is our principal weapon. By it we obtain of God the victory over our evil inclinations, and over all temptations of hell.” (St. Alphonsus).

Truth Itself has revealed that ‘God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.’ (James 4:6) The Saints, elaborating on this truth, have the following to say about humility:

+ “And what is more sublime than humility which, in debasing itself to the lowest, joins itself to its Maker who remains above the highest?” – St. Gregory the Great

+ “The spiritual progress of all the saints is the approach to humility.” – St. Dorotheus

+ “As long as we are in this mortal life, nothing is more necessary for us than humility.” – St. Teresa of Avila

+ “No one reaches the Kingdom of Heaven except by humility.” – St. Augustine

+ “As a magnet draws iron to itself, to humility attracts grace and heavenly encouragement.” – St. Anthony of Padua

+ “There can be no humility without greatness of soul [magnanimity].” – St. John Chrysostom

+ “The virtue of humility alone can make restoration when charity has been violated.” – St. Bernard of Clairvaux

+ “Humility is a heavenly siphon which from the abyss of sins can raise the soul to Heaven.” – St. John Climacus

+ “If you long for the virtue of humility, you must not flee from the way of humiliation.” – St. Bernard

+ “Whoever imagines himself without defect has an excess of pride. God alone is perfect.” – St. Antoninus


“Ungrateful child! You will not keep in mind the frequent and beautiful counsels and the many commands I gave you! You have let yourself be overcome by melancholy and lack of trust. Have you forgotten that your Beloved is here, opening His arms to receive you?” – Jesus to Bl. Anna Maria Taigi

“I am your certain hope. You must never begin to be mistrustful. The souls that love Me are always full of hope, and their trust in expecting everything from My love prevents them from ever being confounded.” – Jesus to Mother Clement

“I cannot resist those who ask with humility. I always end by yielding to those who ask with perseverance. To those who ask with love, that is to say, with unlimited confidence, I cannot prevent Myself from granting even more, far more than what is asked… But you must know that you have need of help, and that the secret of My friendship, of My mercy, of My intimacy, lies in the humility which will make you show your soul such as it is.” – Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity


The following book is very powerful:
https://archive.org/stream/HumilityOfHeart#page/n1/mode/2up (‘Humility of Heart’ by Fr. Cajetan)

This book is very useful for overcoming sins of spiritual discouragement, which are often the worst sins (according to St. Catherine of Siena): https://archive.org/stream/spiritualdespond00gareuoft#page/n5/mode/2up (‘Spiritual Despondency and Temptations’ by Rev. P. J. Michel, SJ; published 1904)

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