Our Lord’s Tender Love, as Revealed to Sr. Gertrude Mary.

Our Lord's Tender Love, as Revealed to Sr. Gertrude Mary.

“When anyone comes to Me to console Me, then our two souls melt into one; for by this Divine kiss they pass one into the other.” – Jesus to Sr. Gertrude Mary

The following words are taken from the writings of Sr. Gertrude Mary:

+ Sr. Gertrude Mary asked Our Lord: ‘How canst Thou make Thyself so little, Thou Who art so great?’
He replied: ‘I make Myself quite little, so that you may never be afraid of Me again.’

+ Our Lord said once to me after Holy Communion: ‘Nothing whatever of self should be left in you; everything should be wholly Divine. You must absolutely forget yourself and have one thought only God and the salvation of souls. Let Me do what I will in you; give Me all that I ask. You should be like soft wax in My hands. Neither will I have you seek for consolation, nor even desire it; I will give it to you when I see fit.’

+ We need to say to God that we love Him even if we do not feel it sensibly.
“Jesus, I love Thee.”
And Jesus, smiling, says to me: “And I love you still more.”
“Ah, my Jesus, it is true, but I am trying to love Thee more. And I beg of Thee the grace to be able to do so.”
To love the loved object does not suffice for the loving soul; she must also make Him loved by others.

+ (Regarding friendship with God’s saints): … it is strange how there are some for whom I feel a particular devotion, without knowing them. I think this comes from our Lord, Who wills that I should have a special connection with certain of His Saints. I asked Him about it a little while ago, and why I felt this preference . . . and how I must understand this acquaintance which I shall have with each of the Saints when I have reached Heaven. Here is what I believe to have been our Lord’s reply: ‘You will know my Saints, and each of them in particular. You will have special relations with each, according to the measure in which you have contributed to increase their [accidental] glory.’ [An example of accidental glory is the joy experienced by the Heavenly Court when a sinner returns to Our Lord.]

+ Jesus revealed His Heart to Sr. Gertrude, saying: ‘This is your place, My daughter… Come into My Heart.’

+ (Regarding Holy Mass): The Angel Guardian of the celebrant [the priest] followed his every movement; the heavenly messenger accomplished the liturgical rites with the priest. And now to rise from earth to Heaven: Heaven was open. The Adorable Trinity was, so to speak, bending down to earth. The most abundant sources of grace flowed all through the Mass. At the Sanctus [“Holy, Holy Holy”], the angelic choirs united themselves to the heavenly spirits who were assisting at the great Sacrifice, and they altogether began to sing in a concert of melody. Both choirs repeated the Sanctus. At the solemn moment of the Elevation, all the heavenly spirits bowed profoundly, or, rather, they prostrated themselves. (What a beautiful sight! The Adorable Victim descends upon the Altar, and the Heavenly Father regards with complacency His Well-Beloved Son; contemplates with Love His Word, equal to Himself, Who has made Himself like unto us!) This lasted until the end of the Mass.”

+ (Regarding the reception of the Holy Eucharist): + After the Communion it seemed to me that I knew that many Angels surrounded the soul who had just communicated. They remained near to her so long as the Sacred Species were unconsumed.

+ I was in the chapel, and I said to our Lord: ‘I wish that not one single soul may fall into Hell this evening. O my God, I wish it.’ But then I thought that I must not be alone at the entrance of this accursed place, and I prayed my heavenly brother [the Archangel Gabriel, with whom she conversed] to come with me, and to keep close to me. Many times since, souls have been on the point of falling into the eternal gulf, but we have prevented them. The Word, present in my soul, was there with His Angel. I have offered, and I still offer, the Blood of Jesus to prevent souls falling into Hell, and I offer it also for the prevention of mortal sin.

+ (Words of Our Lord): ‘You rejoice My Heart every time that you show Me gratitude for the trials which I send you. Let Me do what I will with you. Be faithful to all that I ask of you. You shall be the beloved disciple of My Heart, and I will take the entire charge of your soul.’

+ One day I went into chapel with my mind all full of distractions. Our Lord sharply rebuked me; and after making my sign of the cross on entering, I was, so to speak, forced to go back to the door, and Jesus said to me: ‘Leave your baggage at the door.’ I understood the lesson; my distractions were the baggage our Lord spoke of. I was greatly struck by this lesson. Alas! I am so often burdened with this miserable baggage.

+ My soul was joined to the Soul of Jesus. I sighed for the Divine Guest. I called Him by all the sweetest and tenderest names. When I said, ‘O come, Jesus, my love,’ He replied, ‘Child, if you only knew how much I love you! Never, no, never, can you fully respond to My love for you.’

+ (Words of Our Lord to Sr. Gertrude, after she received Holy Communion): ‘All the riches of My Heart are at your disposal.’

+ Jesus loves the soul, but He demands love in return. Every morning at Holy Mass, when I offer myself to Him, I hear a voice saying, ‘To be wholly immolated.’ This morning, after Communion, I was renewing the offering, and Jesus said: ‘To be wholly immolated, consumed, destroyed by the fire of Divine love.’ Since the desires of Jesus tend to this end, mine must tend there also.

+ (Words of Our Lord): ‘I desire that you should be altogether beautiful, My beloved.’

+ (Words of Our Lord): ‘I shall take care of My spouse; she is My own.’

+ O Holy Spirit, come and transform me wholly into Jesus, for the honour of my Divine Spouse.

+ (Words of Our Lord): ‘As the Word is one with the Holy Spirit, so He wills that His spouse should also be one with this Divine Spirit… The Holy Spirit will make Jesus grow in you.’

+ I am in such a state of dryness that it is astounding, and would be most distressing, if I did not consider that this is more glorifying to God and more profitable for myself.

+ This morning, immediately after Holy Communion, Jesus showed Himself to me, and asked, “Do you will for yourself that which I will for you?” In spite of my fear (for I know what are the gifts Jesus offers to His friends), I replied: “If Thou wilt promise me Thy Love, O Jesus, I accept all that Thy Heart has prepared for me.”
“Then I can write?” asked Jesus.
“Yes, my Jesus, write.”
Then, opening His Heart, He wrote on the first page of that Sacred Book: “My spouse pledges herself to live in mortification, in suffering, in humiliation, in poverty, in contempt, and in total abandonment.”
On the second page the Divine Master wrote: ‘In return I pledge Myself to uphold My spouse by My Grace, which shall be always powerful, though not always sensibly felt, and to give her My Love.’