How Jesus Intercedes for us at Holy Mass!

How Jesus Intercedes for us at Holy Mass!

“I have had a great vision on the mystery of Holy Mass and I have seen that whatever good has existed since creation is owing to it.” – Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich

Satan has successfully deceived many into believing that the Mass is not a true sacrifice. It is incredibly sad that many deny the Real Presence of our Lord in the Sacred Host. If we are able to go to Mass regularly, let us do so, for there is no greater prayer. Ven. Louise Margaret offered the Mass for the salvation of a soul, and saw that many souls were saved by this offering. We can and should do the same.

The following words, taken from ‘The Glories of the Precious Blood’, are a reminder that the love of God for souls has not diminished and never shall!

The Bollandists relate of the virgin, St. Coletta, that once on a Maundy Thursday, while the celebrant of the Mass, a bishop, was elevating the sacred Host after the consecration, she began to exclaim: “O my God! O merciful Jesus! O ye angels and saints! O Christians and sinners! Do come and behold this miracle, oh, listen to this intercession!” And she continued to cry aloud until her confessor was called and commanded her to be silent. After the service the bishop in company with his three priests went to the saint and asked her to explain the cause of all that disturbance. Coletta replied: ‘When you raised the Sacred Host at elevation, Rt. Rev. Bishop, I saw dear Jesus in living reality, covered with fresh and bleeding wounds and affixed to the cross with nails. At the same time I saw Him, with eyes raised to heaven, pleading most tenderly’:

“O merciful Father look with favor down upon Thy beloved Son; behold My sufferings, My wounds, My blood, behold My obedience to Thy will, My zeal for Thy honor, My pity on unfortunate sinners! All this I offer Thee, that all sinners may find mercy and grace with Thee and serve Thee in love. O most holy Father, let not My sufferings endured for them, let not My blood shed for them, be lost to them; accept My vicarious satisfaction and sanctify them, that they may be saved and rejoice in Thee with eternal gratitude!”

“It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the Holy Mass.” – St. Padre Pio