A Touching Prayer for a Sinner

A Touching Prayer for a Sinner

(Taken from ‘The lives of St. Catherine of Ricci : St. Agnes of Montepulciano, B. Benvenuta of Bojan, and B. Catherine of Raconigi’)

Her ardent charity for the souls of sinners was not satisfied with exhortations and with perpetual prayers for their conversion, but caused her to receive, and even to pray for the sufferings which were due to them in punishment for their sins. One of the most liberal benefactors of the monastery lived without a thought of God, and she first gave him many fraternal admonitions; but he was so obstinate and hardened in vice, that he laughed at her instead of amending his life: and once, in the hearing of another nun, he told her, very angrily, to be quiet and go to spin, for if he chose to go to hell it would be his misfortune, and not hers. The obstinacy that the answer of this miserable man betrayed caused the most acute sorrow to Catherine’s charitable heart, and she began to pray for his conversion with greater earnestness arid renewed tears, until, to the detriment of her own health, her Divine Spouse heard her petition, and inflicted on her the punishment which that hardened sinner deserved: she suffered many severe corporeal pains; and after his death assured the nun who had heard the perverse answer that he made her, that his soul had been preserved from the infernal chastisements, adding, ” N. N. will see now whether I know how to spin.”

“… my beloved Spouse prizes our souls so much, that He has exhorted and charged me to pray for sinners, that they may repent of their faults; and I not only accept with readiness every torment for their eternal salvation, but I long to suffer all imaginable pains that they may be able quickly to see and praise their Redeemer.” – St. Catherine of Ricci