DIVINE MERCY: A Revelation To Bl. Angela

DIVINE MERCY: A Revelation To Bl. Angela

The following words of our Lord to Bl. Angela of Foligno, can be found in the inspiring work, ‘The book of divine consolation of the Blessed Angela of Foligno’:

“Howsoever thou mayest discourse, thou canst not find any sin, any disease of the soul, for the which I have not brought the true medicine and given sufficient satisfaction for all sinners and for all the infinite torments and grievous pains which the wretched soul ought to suffer in hell. But if thou remainest not in thy neglectfulness thou needest lament no longer, if only thou dost here suffer with Me and have compassion upon Me always, and be My companion in poverty, ignominy, and contempt as long as thou livest. Mary Magdalene, who was sick, had all these things and desired to be wholly liberated from them. Wherefore was she healed of all her infirmities and in like manner can all persons who have these things find health as she did.”

The Crucified One spake further unto me and said: “When these My sons, who through sin have departed from My kingdom and made themselves sons of the devil, do return unto the Father, He hath great joy of them and showeth them His exceeding great delight in their return. So great is the Father’s joy at their conversion that He bestoweth upon them supernatural grace, the which He giveth not unto virgins who through sin have not departed from Him. And this He doth because of the boundless love which He beareth them, and because of the pity which He hath of their wretchedness; also because they do grieve for that they have offended so great a Majesty and do know themselves to be worthy of hell. Because of these two reasons, even he who hath been the greatest sinner may find the greatest grace and mercy.”