Merciful Revelations Given To St. Bridget

Merciful Revelations Given To St. Bridget

The following words of mercy were addressed to St. Bridget of Sweden. In her revelations, our Lord greatly admonishes sinners (including priests, religious, laypeople etc.), yet He constantly repeats that His mercy is infinite to those who repent and wish to make amends for their sinful lives.

“… so long as his soul is with his body, my mercy stands ready for him.” – Jesus to St. Bridget (Book 1, Ch 23)

“… I am still so merciful that, if they turn to me with a contrite heart, I will turn to them like a devoted father and welcome them.” – Jesus to St. Bridget (Book 1, Ch 53)

“… so long as the soul lives in the body, my mercy lies open to everyone.” – Jesus to St. Bridget (Book 1, Ch 21)

“I would gladly die for the sake of humanity all over again, if it were possible.” – Jesus to St. Bridget (Book 1, Ch 30)

The following words are addressed to a soul who has rejected God at the moment of death: “I showed you all the love I could in order to make you turn to me. However, since you have turned away from me, you deserve to be sentenced, because you scorned mercy. However, I am still so merciful that, if it were possible for me to die again, for your sake I would again endure the same torment I once endured on the cross rather than see you sentenced to such a sentence. Justice, however, says that it is impossible for me to die again, even if mercy tells me to want to die for your sake again, if it were possible. This is how I am merciful and loving even toward the damned. I loved mankind from the start, even when I SEEMED to be angry, but nobody cared about or paid any attention to my love.” – Jesus to St. Bridget (Book 2, Ch 12)

In return for the great mercy of God, may we obey Christ, Who carries the Cross of our sins as long as we persevere in them:

“See how I died for love, yet nobody repays me with love, but they take from me what is justly mine. It would be just if people improved their lives in proportion to the efforts it cost to redeem them. Now, however, people want to live all the worse in proportion to the pain I suffered in redeeming them. The more I show them how abominable their sin is, the more boldly they want to sin. Look, therefore, and consider how it is not without cause that I am angry: They manage to change for themselves my good will into anger. I redeemed them from sin, and they get themselves increasingly entangled in sin. So, my bride, give me what you are obliged to give me, I mean, KEEP YOUR SOUL CLEAN FOR ME, BECAUSE I DIED FOR IT IN ORDER THAT YOU MIGHT KEEP IT CLEAN FOR ME.” (Book 1, Ch 21)

“… think about the mercy of God, because there are none who are such sinners that their sin is not forgiven them, if only they pray with a resolution to improve and with contrition.” – Mary to St. Bridget (Book 1, Ch 22)