A Remedy For Anxiety (Revelations to a privileged nun)

“No, there is not a single superfluous suffering in your life.”

– Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity

When we suffer, let us be content to carry our cross out of love for God. This way “… your sorrow shall be turned into joy.” (John 6:20).

It is not within our power to free ourselves from all feelings of anxiety. Jesus Himself experienced such fear and anxiety that He sweat blood! What God asks of us is our love and our trust.

“Those who love Me much, have great confidence in Me… And notice, I respond at once by putting joy into the heart that honors Me with confidence.”

– Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity

He knows what is best for us. If we place our trust in Him and humbly accept our cross (which is an efficacious means of converting sinners), then we can be sure that whatever state God leaves us in is for a greater good, and for His glory. Sometimes healing takes time, so we must be patient. We can be assured, however, that God will reward our faith (remember that growth in virtue is in itself a great reward).

Here are some instructions from Our Lord to Sr. Mary of the Trinity about how to avoid anxiety:

“It is not sufficient to say: ‘My God, I have confidence in You!’ You must make the interior act of freeing yourself from all anxiety, and rest on My Heart like the Apostle St. John at the Last Supper – yes, like St. John, the Beloved Apostle. I await this confidence from every soul.”

“So many anxieties and shadows in your heart. Think of Me, of Me – perfect Beauty, Splendor, Peace, Life, Truth, Holiness – of Me, your God who loves you. Give Me your heart – your whole heart. And do you not also wish to give Me your life? I desire it, I have need of it. It is such a great thing to belong to Me. What does anything else matter to you? Be full of joy at belonging to Me. I want you to be altogether Mine.”

“Do not get agitated; do not be anxious. Everything passes away, except your God. I am order and perfect calm, being at the same time life and movement and action. To live My Life, rest silently in Me. I love you. Is that not enough to fill every one of your moments with the fullness of joy? I love you and desire that you should know it. Oh, if you knew how much I love you, My little child.”

“Rely on Me with closed eyes, without anxiety, content… yes like a babe sleeping in its mother’s arms. Are you not like babes carried in the arms of God? Who is kinder than I? You will see My care all through the hours, if you take notice.”

“I wish to live more in you. Let Me find you at every moment empty of the past, empty of anxiety for the future, empty of attachment to creatures, so that My Presence may take possession of you and that in every passing moment you may receive all My grace. Remain fixed in Me – like the little magnetized needle of the compass.”

“… all religion and all your happiness consist in a few words of the Gospel which it is sufficient to understand and to practice. ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Justice; and the rest will be added unto you.’ You encumber yourselves with so many anxieties. See Me within yourself; I am so near you, so close; you always seek too far away. And listen, and receive My grace. When a soul receives it with great joy, I give it to her in abundance. It is My joy to give. And you will never exhaust My riches. My gifts are inexhaustible and always new. “

“Anxiety [not the feeling] is a temptation in itself and also the source from and by which other temptations come… We must not fear fear.”

– St. Francis de Sales