Union With God: “An Anticipated Paradise”!

“… the sweetness of My Divinity surpasses incomparably all the pleasures of the flesh and the senses… all earthly and corporal pleasure is but as a drop of dew to this great ocean.”

– Jesus to St. Gertrude

Our Lord continues: “… And yet these sensible pleasures often draw men away irresistibly, though they know how they endanger, not only their bodies, but even their souls. How, then, should a soul penetrated with the sweetness of My Divinity be able to hinder itself from being carried away by the attractions of a love which will constitute its eternal felicity?”

The purpose of this article is to inspire us with a greater desire for intimate union with God. Although mystical contemplation is an unmerited grace that God bestows on whom He wills, we may all aspire to the interior life. The joys of the interior life, such as those experienced by the saints, far surpass any earthly pleasure. It would be wrong to seek these gifts as ends in themselves, but as we grow in love of God we will naturally find greater delight in His presence.

God invites us ALL to intimate union with Him

“My happiness is to reproduce Myself in the souls that I created through love.

The more a soul allows me to reproduce Myself truly in itself, the more happiness and repose I feel in it.

The greatest joy a soul can give Me is to let Me raise it to the Divinity.”

– Jesus to Bl. Dina Belanger

How do we nourish our Interior Life?

“If a soul desires to become interior quickly, and to preserve and increase this treasure, she ought:

(1) To love silence;

(2) To practice continual mortification;

(3) To surrender herself wholly to the authority of Love, like a straw on the water;

(4) To keep herself as much as possible in the sanctuary of her heart, to enjoy God, to speak to God, to listen to God, and to give herself to God.”

– Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata

 What hinders the Interior Life?

 “The touchstone of sanctity is mortification; and the love of comforts is the ruin of sanctity.”

– Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata

God calls us to be saints, not merely for our own sake and for God’s glory, but for the salvation of immortal souls:

“Souls are not saved if nothing is done for them. I died on the Cross to save them—I ask of thee no great thing—only a word withheld, a look repressed, a pleasant thought banished, in a word all that restrains and mortifies nature. These little things, united to My infinite merits, acquire a great value.” – Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata

“Why is it that so few souls walk with a resolute step in the way of Love? It is because few enter with generosity into the way of sacrifice.”

– Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata

 Fruits of the Interior Life


The more a soul loves purity of heart, the better is she fitted for converse with God.

God acts with the pure of heart as a mother acts with her little babe.

Purity of heart, humility of heart, detachment, gives all (to God) but especially it gives oneself; it is this God seeks in a soul that He may communicate Himself to her with a most intimate and loving communication.”

– Jesus to Sr. Benigna Consolata

“Penance brings light to the soul. It consumes and causes to disappear all in it that is purely material. It raises him higher and higher above the earth, making him taste of delights hitherto unknown and pure. But this penance should be the daughter of reverence and exist in the soul, hidden from all humans.”

(Conchita’s Diary, Sept. 24, 1895)