What Gives God “Infinite Pleasure”?

The following words of Our Lord to two chosen souls are remarkable! Every Christian (nay, all people) should know them!

“I, the Creator and Framer of the universe, take infinitely more pleasure in loving souls, than in any labours and corporal exercises performed without love and without a pure intention.”

– Jesus to St. Gertrude

 “I do not look at the act itself, I look at the intention. The smallest act, if done out of love, acquires such merit that it gives Me immense consolation…I want only love, I ask for nothing else.”

– Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez (September 8, 1922)

“I prefer an act of love and Communion of love to any other gift – an act of love is better than the discipline, for I thirst for love. Poor souls! They think that in order to reach Me it is necessary to live an austere, penitential life. See how they misrepresent Me. They make Me out as one to be feared, whereas I am kindness itself! They forget the precept which I have given them, the very essence of the entire Law: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole soul, with thy whole strength, and with thy whole mind.”

– Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez

Our Lord also revealed to Sr. Consolata Betrone that an act of love is so great that the only fitting reward is for God to give us Himself! How humbled we should be, remembering that we cannot love without God. St. Padre Pio said the same thing. The more we have sinned, the more thankful we should be when God inspires us to love Him. What an infinite, and completely unmerited treasure! Thanks be to God!