The Mercy of God “seeks even the obstinate.”

(Words of St. Padre Pio in the title).

“Why is there more joy in Heaven over one sinner who does penance than over ninety-nine just? Because in Heaven they see the joy which the fact of being able to love that man once more, procures for the Heart of the infinite love of God.”

– Fr. Paul of Moll

God does not give up on sinners. At some point, God’s goodness demands that He chastises unrepentant sinners, but let us shift our attention to God’s insatiable thirst for souls.

God’s very essence is infinite love. With the entirety of His being He desires our love, which is poured into our souls- and enjoyed forever in Heaven- to the degree that we love God on Earth! 

When we love Him- especially in difficult times- we acquire and manifest a true love of God, for no soul can grow in love without suffering and sacrifice. The sufferings that He sends are great graces, and are eventually turned into joy- even while we are on Earth- should we be so humble, confident and loving as to see everything as coming from God’s loving Providence!

“Blessed indeed would we be if we received everything that happens as from God’s fatherly hand.” – St. Francis de Sales

(This is a great sign of predestination… understood in the Catholic sense)

“God permits temptations with a view to detach us more thoroughly from this life; and to kindle in us the desire to go and behold Him in Heaven.”

– St. Alphonsus

Let us strive to correspond to God’s graces. In this way, we not only reap a great reward, but we thank God for having given us His love. God can use a holy soul to save many others, as has been said many times on this website. These souls will love God forever! There is no greater gift that we can grant our neighbour than to assist them on the road to eternity! Here is an example that should suffice to arouse our fervour:

The servant of the Lord, sister Seraphina da Capri (d. 1699), as we read in her life, in her prayes to the most holy Virgin during the Novena of her assumption, asked of her the conversion of a thousand sinners; but as she feared that her demands were too extravagant, the Virgin appeared to her, and reproved her for this her vain fear, saying to her:

“Why do you fear? am I not powerful enough to obtain for thee from my
Son the salvation of a thousand sinners? Behold them, I have already obtained it.”

She showed her the soul of innumerable sinners who had merited hell, and had afterwards been saved by her intercession, and were already enjoying eternal bliss.

– St. Alphonsus (‘The Glories of Mary’)