Spiritual Wisdom From A Saintly Priest: Words On Suffering, Heaven, Prayer, The Infinite Love Of God.

Very few have heard of Fr. Paul of Moll (1824- 1896). What a sad fact. This Benedictine “wonder-worker” was known for his remarkable holiness, wisdom, spiritual gifts, and most importantly- his profound love of God, which becomes apparent when one reads his letters, for example.

Fr. Paul possessed many spiritual gifts, which he used to edify, instruct, and inspire others. These gifts include prophecy, healing, the reading of souls, bilocation, visions, and other remarkable gifts, similar to St. Padre Pio and many other great Saints of the Catholic Church.

Words of Fr. Paul of Moll

Here are some words of this holy priest; they cannot fail to have a profound impact on our lives if we take the time to reflect on them:

“Imagine all the love of one hundred thousand mothers for their children. It is nothing in comparison with the infinite love of God.”

“Life is a struggle, and the best remedy for it is to do everything for the love of God, and to endure everything for the love of Jesus.”

“Before eating, sleeping, opening or closing a door or any other action, always have the intention of doing all for the love of Jesus. In this way you will continually reap a rich harvest for heaven.” (cf. 1 Cor. 10:31)

“The perfections of God are infinite. In Heaven the saints will see the divine perfections succeed each other without ceasing: every moment a new perfection will be revealed to them, and so it will be through all eternity.”

“It is by love that one can overcome Almighty God; He is so sensitive to love that He can refuse us nothing.”

“When I distribute Holy Communion,” Father Paul said, “it is the Infant Jesus in person that I see in the Host.”

“If you wish to have an idea of the love with which He loves man, see with what love God loves Mary.” (This quote should console anyone who suffers at the foot of the Cross)

“God is infinitely good and wise. He shows His goodness towards you by sending you crosses. The more bitter your pains, the more meritorious they are. Every cross is a blessing from Heaven, a blessing which surpasses all the suffering of the world. If one were able to understand the full value of crosses, it would be a terrible torment to be deprived of them.”

A young girl inquired if the misfortunes that befell her family were divine punishments. “No,” replied Father Paul, “they are trials which the good God sends in order to make you a little more like Him.” Thereupon the girl asked what would come of her. “An angel in Heaven,” he said.

“Every sigh of love, every desire of love is a new opening of your heart, allowing the love of God to penetrate.”

“What can there be more agreeable to the Heart of the infinite love of God than to pray for the conversion of those who are in a state of mortal sin? To be a child of love, is to sacrifice oneself to the love of God for the conversion of sinners.”

“If one could understand the value of an act of love for God in suffering, one would experience the greatest grief at being obliged to pass a single moment without being able to make this meritorious act. Happy is he who, in suffering, makes acts of love!”

And one of my all-time favourite quotes:

 “If it were permitted to one of the elect to live again in this world, he would submit with joy to all the sufferings that men have ever endured here below, in order to add to his merits that which he would acquire by the recital of one Ave Maria.”

Fr. Paul of Moll, pray for us!