9 Powerful and Miraculous Prayers

Those who pray well are the most fortunate people on Earth; they receive immense graces: contrition, knowledge of- and the light and strength to avoid- sin, humility, peace, joy, and all good things in abundance. The saints, who took seriously Our Lord’s exhortation to “pray always”, were favoured with a profound love of God.

To truly love God is an immense gift because it contains all others: humility, confidence, patience in suffering, peace and ultimately salvation.

Here are some very powerful, yet short prayers or ejaculations, accompanied by a brief, incomplete explanation. We should make a habit of saying some or all of them frequently throughout the day. They will be sure to obtain for us many great blessings.  


(This short prayer requires a more lengthy explanation)

Very few know the incredible power of the Holy Name of Jesus, which, as Fr. Paul O’Sullivan says, is “… first of all, an all-powerful prayer. Our Lord Himself solemnly promises that whatever we ask the Father in His Name we shall receive. God never fails to keep His word… Each time we say, ‘Jesus,’ we give God infinite joy and glory, for we offer Him all the infinite merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. St. Paul tells us that Jesus merited the Name Jesus by His Passion and Death. Each time we say, “Jesus,” let us clearly wish to offer God all the Masses being said all over the world for all our intentions. We thus share in these thousands of Masses… which we may apply to the souls in Purgatory… The Holy Name of Jesus saves us from innumerable evils and delivers us especially from the power of the devil, who is constantly seeking to do us harm. The Name of Jesus gradually fills our souls with a peace and a joy we never had before. The Name of Jesus gives us such strength that our sufferings become light and easy to bear… All the Saints had an immense love for and trust in the Name of Jesus. They saw in this name, as in a clear vision, all the love of Our Lord, all His Power, all the beautiful things He said and did when on earth. They did all their wonderful works in the Name of Jesus. They worked miracles, cast out devils, cured the sick and gave comfort to everyone, using and recommending to all the habit of invoking the Holy Name. St. Peter and the Apostles converted the world with this all-powerful Name.”

“My Jesus, mercy!”

Keep in mind that this prayer contains the word Jesus, as does the ‘Hail Mary’, for example. This prayer is an act of faith, hope and love, for by it we acknowledge Jesus’ infinite love and mercy, which led Him to offer Himself for each of us. These were the final words of Bl. Mariam; they have led to great conversions; and they were strongly recommended by St. Leonard, who said: “I give you my word, I repeat – if you commend yourselves often to God by saying ‘My Jesus, mercy!’ from the bottom of your heart, you will sin no more, and you will be saved.”

“O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in thee.”

This prayer, which is a slight variation of the prayers given to St. Faustina and Sr. Benigna Consolata, greatly glorifies and consoles Jesus. Jesus told St. Gertrude that these words have the potential to bring Him great joy! (Of course, we must mean them, and be willing to do what God desires of us). And to Sr. Benigna, Our Lord said: “Even the single little prayer, ‘I trust in Thee’, ravishes My Heart, because Faith, Love and Humility are comprised in this short prayer.”

“For Thee and for souls.”

When we suffer, in body or mind, let us offer our suffering to God for His greater glory and pleasure; sufferings borne with love are profitable for the salvation of souls. This truth is lost on many Christians. On a more serious note (of course, these words are not absolute): “He who suffers in patience, suffers less and saves his soul. He who suffers impatiently, suffers more and loses his soul.” (St. Alphonsus)

“O Jesus, I surrender this to you. You take care of it.”

These words were revealed to St. Padre Pio’s spiritual director. When said with faith, Jesus promises to take special, or even miraculous care of us.

“Thy will be done.”

God is infinite love and wisdom. If we wish to be happy in this life and the next; if we desire God’s glory; if we wish to thank Him and praise His goodness; if we wish to atone for our sins; if we wish to save souls, let us not be deceived: God’s will alone suffices (Mt. 7:21). We must pray frequently in order to discern God’s will. Short prayers and ejaculations are a helpful way of doing this.

“Blessed be God.”

“One ‘Blessed be God’ in times of adversity, is worth more than a thousand acts of gratitude in times of prosperity.” (St. John of Avila) Suffering, properly understood, is a blessing. Holy souls prefer it to consolation. Most of us are far from this stage, so let us begin by making a habit of recalling Jesus’ sufferings, which He underwent for our salvation.

“Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine.”

“Humility is truth.” (St. Padre Pio) As God is truth, those who grow in humility necessarily grow nearer to God. As they approached infinite light, goodness and wisdom, the saints realised their own weaknesses, sinfulness and ignorance all to well. If we have committed so much as one serious sin, we should frequently repeat this prayer, lest we wound Our Lord again. Humility makes life much easier, and it brings down countless graces for the entire world. We must direct all glory to God alone, from Whom all good things come (1 Cor. 4:7). To take credit for anything good we have done is to disregard this truth, rob God of glory, and deprive ourselves and others of graces. 

“Jesus, Mary, Joseph.”

This prayer will obtain for us a happy death, among other things. A happy death is worth immeasurably more than every temporal pleasure, because it opens for us, in a sense, the Gates of Paradise. If someone as holy as St. Paul did not presume to persevere in God’s grace until death, how much more should we pray for the grace of perseverance and a happy death! (1 Cor. 9:27) Let us ask confidently for this grace, for God longs to give it! The ‘Nine First Fridays’ devotion given to St. Margaret Mary (including the promise of final repentance attached i.e. promise twelve) is but one example of Our Lord’s eagerness to save us. 

“After baptism, continual prayer is necessary to man, in order that he may enter Heaven; for though by Baptism our sins are remitted, there still remain concupiscence to assail us from within, and the world and the devil to assail us from without.”

– St. Thomas Aquinas

“I love souls madly; they must not be lost… Oh help Me in this undertaking of love.”

– Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez