“He is there!”

+ “My Son so loves those who assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that, if it were necessary He would die for them as many times as they’ve heard Masses.”

– Our Lady (to Bl. Alan)

“[That] the whole heavenly court is present during the mass and if we had faith, we could see these Angelic hosts gathered around the altar in prayer during the mass.”

– The Council of Oxford

“He is there!”: the words proclaimed by St. John Vianney when he would point to the Tabernacle. Yes, Our Lord truly and substantially dwells in our tabernacles! Let us console Him!

+++++++ “For each mass you hear with devotion I will send a saint to comfort you at your death.” +++++++

– (A revelation given by Our Lord to St. Gertrude)

+ “The celebration of Holy Mass is as valuable as the death of Jesus on the cross.”

– St. Thomas Aquinas

“The Mass is infinite like Jesus… Ask an angel what the Mass is, and he will reply to you in truth, “I understand what it is and why it is offered, but I do not, however, understand how much value it has.” One angel, a thousand angels, all of Heaven know this and think like this.” – St. Padre Pio

+ Once, St. Teresa, overcome with gratitude for God’s goodness, asked Our Lord: “How can I thank you?” Our Lord replied, “Attend one Mass.”

+ “If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.” – St. John Vianney

+ “If we only knew how God regards this Sacrifice, we would risk our lives to be present at a single Mass.” – St. Padre Pio

+ “Every Holy Mass, heard with devotion, produces in our souls marvelous effects, abundant spiritual and material graces which we ourselves, do not know.” – St. Padre Pio

+ “The heavens open and multitudes of angels come to assist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” – St. Gregory

+ “The angels surround and help the priest when he is celebrating Mass.” – St. Augustine

+ “When Mass is being celebrated, the sanctuary is filled with countless angels who adore the divine victim immolated on the altar.” – St. John Chrysostom

+ “Renew your faith by attending Holy Mass. Keep your mind focused on the mystery that is unfolding before your eyes. In your mind’s eye transport yourself to Calvary and meditate on the Victim who offers Himself to Divine Justice, paying the price of your redemption.”

– St. Padre Pio

http://www.saintsbooks.net/books/Fr.%20Martin%20Cochem%20-%20Explanation%20of%20the%20Holy%20Sacrifice%20of%20the%20Mass.pdf (Here is a link to one of Ven. Martin von Cochem’s classic works on The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is incredibly beautiful, inspiring, encouraging and profitable for one’s salvation. It will prove to you, beyond doubt, that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not only the greatest thing on Earth, but the most loving, the most noble, the most awe-inspiring. Sadly, very few comprehend the favours that we receive when we devoutly attend Mass. Likewise, few are aware of how much we lose when we miss Mass through negligence. Catholics and non-Catholics alike: read this inspiring work, follow its counsels, and your life will never be the same. If you do not already attend Mass regularly, devoutly, and with a good understanding of the Mass, then you cannot afford to by-pass a book like this. Your happiness and salvation, as well as the happiness and salvation of our dear friends and neighbours, is at stake. May God bless you abundantly- as He has me- through even a brief perusal of these inspired words!)