“How foolish is your fear of being damned!”

(The title contains the words of our Lord to Sr. Consolata Betrone)

Here are some words that should eliminate any irrational fears of damnation; such as any fear that springs from distrust in the INEXHAUSTIBLE mercy of God. I have combined the words of our Lord to Sr. Consolata Betrone, Sr. Josefa Menendez, Sr. Mary of the Trinity, St. Mechtilde and Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero, without distorting their true meaning.

“I bought you at the price of My Blood, the Blood of God. That I might not condemn you, I allowed Myself to be condemned in your place… How foolish is your fear of being damned! … If only one second of life remains to you, in that one second you can buy back eternal life! … For as long as a breath of life remains a man may have recourse to mercy and ask for pardon… You see, final impenitence is found only in a soul who purposely wishes to go to Hell* and therefore obstinately refuses My mercy, for I never refuse to pardon anyone. I offer the immense gift of My compassion to all, for My Blood was shed for all, for all! No, it is not the multiplicity of sins which condemns a soul, for I forgive everything if she repents, but it is the obstinacy of not wishing to be pardoned … For terrible is the condition of an impenitent heart; I cannot penetrate it. It is not I who condemn it; it is he who wilfully repels Me…These souls (“Those… who want to be damned”) are chased by my mercy much more than a wrongdoer is chased by the police, but they run away from my mercy! … Sins may be enormous and numerous; but provided that the soul returns to Me, I am always ready to pardon all, to forget all… do not fear; that soul alone is lost who absolutely wills it** in spite of the repeated solicitations of My grace… Every desire that a soul has ever had to possess Me is inspired by Me… When a soul returns to Me after a fall, the comfort she gives Me is a gain for her, for I regard her with very great love… I never refuse love to someone who asks for it… Oh, if you knew how much I love you, My little child!”

* “O my Jesus, Your goodness surpasses all understanding, and no one will exhaust Your mercy. Damnation is for the soul who wants to be damned; but for the one who desires salvation, there is the inexhaustible ocean of the Lord’s mercy to draw from… God will not deny His mercy to anyone. Heaven and earth may change, but God’s mercy will never be exhausted.” (St Faustina’s diary: 631 and 72)

** Such souls never repent. God does not refuse His mercy to them.

“Heaven is filled with converted sinners of all kinds.” St Bridget

“Heaven is filled with converted sinners of all kinds, and there is room for more.” – St. Joseph Cafasso