More Beautiful Revelations from St. Mechtilde.

Again, another soul dared not approach the most Holy Communion, fearing she was not worthy. “Let Me receive her frequently,” said our Lord; “every time she comes I will receive her as My legitimate queen.”

“Our loving Lord,” said Mechtilde, “teach me how to prepare for the royal banquet of Thy adorable Body and Blood.” Our Lord answered: “What did My disciples do when I sent them before Me to prepare the Pasch which I was to eat with them the night before My Passion? They prepared a large and well-furnished hall.” By this our Lord wished us to remember that with repentance He desires confidence- confidence in His immense bounty and liberality in lovingly receiving those who go to Him.

 “O My Father, I will answer for all that is brought against each one of them, for My Heart is pierced for love of them.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

“When a powerful King comes to stay in a house, it is at once cleaned so that nothing should offend his eyes, but if he is so near that there is no time to carry away the dirt it is carefully hidden in a corner to be afterwards thrown away. In the same way, if thou hast the will to confess thy sins and a firm purpose not to commit them again, they are completely blotted out, and I will remember them no more, but thou must remember them in the confessional. The will and desire which thou hast to avoid sin with all thy strength and power are bonds which attract and unite Me to thee so that nothing could ever separate us.” Jesus had spoken and yet Mechtilde hesitated. This is what so often happens to timorous souls who dare not advance even at the priest’s word. Many different reasons caused her to hesitate. She thought herself unworthy to partake of the banquet of the King of Angels; she felt it impossible to receive so magnificent a gift without preparation and confession. On the other hand, our Lord had suggested thoughts of hope and consolation. Our Lord spoke again: “Reflect,” He said, “on this. Every desire that a soul has ever had to possess Me is inspired by Me; it is like the Holy Scriptures and the words of the saints which proceed, and ever shall proceed, from My Spirit.”

The Blessed Virgin, safe guide of grateful souls will teach us our duty: “Draw nigh and kiss the wounds my Son received for love of thee. But thrice kiss His loving Heart, thanking Him for having given Himself, now and forever, to thee and all the elect… In kissing the wound in His right hand, thank Him for having helped and cooperated in all thy good works. At the left hand thank Him that He will always be for thee an assured refuge. Kiss also the wound in His right foot in thanksgiving for the ardent desire which caused Him to thirst after thee, all His life. Kiss also gratefully the wound in His right foot, for there thou shalt always find forgiveness for all thy sins.”

“Let men meditate with profound gratitude, and keep always in their memory the acts of virtue I practised while on earth, all the sufferings and injuries I bore during thirty-three years, the destitution in which I received the affronts I had to bear from My own creatures, and at last My death on the Cross, that most bitter death borne for love of man. By it, I bought his soul with My Precious Blood to make it My spouse. Let each one have as much love and gratitude for all these benefits as if I had suffered them for his salvation alone.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

The servant of God prayed for a person who had complained to her of the sorrow she felt because she did not love God enough and did not serve Him with enough devotion. She was herself also filled with sorrow at the thought, feeling herself in every way useless, having received such great blessings from God and yet loving Him so poorly. Our Lord answered her: “Come, My well-beloved, be not sad; all that is Mine is also thine.” “If, therefore,” said Mechtilde, “all that is Thine is mine, I possess also Thy love, for Thou has said Thyself by St. John, ‘God is love’ (Jn iv. 16). I offer Thee, then, this love, that it may supply for all that is wanting in me.” Our Lord accepted this offering with pleasure, and said to her: “Thou must always do this; when thou dost desire to praise or love Me without being able always to fulfil thy desire, thou shalt say: ‘Good Jesus, I praise Thee; supply, I beg of Thee, all that is wanting to me.’ If thou desirest to love thou shalt say: ‘Good Jesus, I love Thee; in order to supply what is wanting to my love, I beg of Thee to offer to Thy Father for me the love of Thy Heart.’ Also tell the person for whom thou hast prayed to do the same. If she does it a thousand times a day, her offering shall each time be presented to the Father, for it could never tire or weary Me.”

“Offer to God the Father all thy desires, intentions and prayers in union with My desires and prayers; all will unite and ascend to God, giving Him pleasure, as several perfumes burnt together cause only one column of smoke that rises straight to Heaven. Any other prayer, even though it should reach Heaven, could not be so pleasing to God. In the same way, if thou unitest thy labours and all thy works with all My labours and My works, all that thou dost shall be ennobled; as brass melted with gold is no longer a common metal but is changed into precious gold. If a handful of wheat is thrown onto a heap of the same, it is immediately identified with it, and so the works of men, in themselves nothing, when joined to My works, are multiplied and change to their advantage. In the third place, regulate thy whole life- viz., thy movement, strength, senses, thoughts, words, indeed everything according to My way of living, from which will result a new and higher life. See a beautiful bird which flies from a fetid marsh and poisonous air; it takes a new life in better surroundings. So the earthly man, in the life he has hitherto led, becomes heavenly in the new life he receives, united with Me.” – Jesus to St. Mechtilde

One day when Mechtilde was honouring the divine Wounds, she saw they were surrounded by precious stones, and as she was astonished at this our Lord said to her: “Precious stones possess great qualities and may sometimes chase away great sickness; in the same way My Wounds are so efficacious that they drive away all languor from men’s souls. Some men have such weak, trembling hearts that they never dare to trust in My tenderness and they try to fly from Me. One would say they had the palsy. If they would take refuge in My passion, honouring tenderly My Wounds, I would deliver them from all fear. Others have restless, fickle hearts; they never stop to think; at the smallest word they give way to impatience or even anger. If they would recall My Passion, if they penetrated their minds with the remembrance of My Wounds, they would acquire stability and find patience. There are others who have a sleeping paralysis. I mean all those who do all lazily and carelessly. They, too, at the remembrance of My Passion and the consideration of the depth and pain of My Wounds would be aroused from tepidity.”

Our Lord appeared one day to St. Mechtilde with His Hands outstretched and His open Wounds. “When I was hanging on the Cross,” He said, “all My Wounds were bleeding, each of them a voice interceding with My Father for the salvation of men, and they still cry to Him to appease His wrath against sinners… As I, in My human nature, offered Myself to God the Father with ineffable love, covered with blood, a victim on the altar of the Cross, so with the same love I offer Myself now to the Father for sinners, I present to Him all the instruments of My Passion, for what I desire most is that the sinner should be converted and live… As long as a sinner remains in sin, he keeps Me stretched and fastened to the Cross, but as soon as he is converted and repentant he detaches Me, and as if I really had been detached from the Cross I fall, with all My weight on him, as formerly on Joseph of Arimathea, with My grace and mercy; I give Myself into his hands, that he may do with Me as he will.”

“See, leave Me to act, and pray for these poor sinners that I have bought with a great price and for whose conversion I long so ardently. He who desires to pray and be heard for those who are captive either in body or in soul, by sin, let him pray to Me by the love of My Heart; by that love which held me captive nine months in the Virgin’s womb; by that love which bound Me in swaddling clothes and delivered Me in fetters into the hands of wicked men. Let him pray by the love which bound Me in chains, when led by the Jews before the judge; by the love which bound Me to the pillar to be scourged; which nailed Me with so much shame to the cross; which after death enveloped Me in a winding sheet. By that love which bound Me in all these different circumstances, let him beg of Me to deliver this captive from the bonds of sin.” How powerful is this prayer for sinners! One day St. Mechtilde was soliciting ardently the conversion of all those in a state of sin, and our Lord said to her: “Very well! For thy prayers I will convert a hundred sinners.”