Whenever You Gaze Upon A Crucifix…


(Taken from ‘The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude,’ London: Burns & Oates, with Imprimatur):

“On another occasion she (St. Gertrude) learned that when anyone turns towards a crucifix, he ought to persuade himself that Our Lord speaks thus lovingly to his heart: “Behold how, for your love, I have been fastened to this Cross- naked, despised, torn and wounded in My Body, and in all My members; and still My Heart has such tender charity for you, that were it necessary for your salvation, and were there no other means of saving you, I would even at this moment suffer for you alone all that I have suffered for the whole world.”

On another occasion, as she was occupied in considering the Passion of Our Lord, it was made known to her that there is infinitely more merit in meditating attentively on the Passion of Jesus than in any other exercise*. For as it is impossible to handle flour without attaching it to yourself, so also is it impossible to meditate devoutly on the Passion without deriving great fruit thereby.

*Similarly, Our Lord revealed to St. Faustina, that there is more merit in one hour of meditation on His Passion, than there is in one year of flagellation.