Humility: More Precious than Gold.

Our Lord wants to lavish His graces on us, but in order to receive these precious graces we must be humble. The following words are here to remind us of this significant truth, which will help us to be more open to Christ’s love:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” – Jesus (To be united to Christ is therefore to be humble, as “Truth is humility; humility is truth.” – St. Padre Pio)

“The gate which is truly narrow, accessible to all, is that of humility.” – Pope Pius XII

“I possess humility for your pride.” – Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez

“… I tell everything to little souls; they deprive Me of nothing; they direct all praise, honour, and glory to Me alone.” – Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone

“The better you know what you are, the better you will know what I am.” – Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez

“Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.” – St. Augustine

‘I saw the snares that the enemy spreads out over the world and I said groaning, “What can get through from such snares?” Then I heard a voice saying to me, “Humility.”‘ – St. Anthony of Egypt

“Although My greatness is beyond understanding, I commune only with those who are little. I demand of you a childlike spirit.” – Jesus to St. Faustina (Diary, 332)

“I want you to be very little, because when you are little, I carry you close to My Heart.” – Jesus to St. Faustina (Diary, 1481)


How to practice humility:

1. Pray. “Every grace comes to the soul through prayer.” – St. Faustina.

Ask God every day for this grace (He is the source of all humility).

This includes thanking God: for every single grace He has ever given you; for every grace He wants to give you; and for every grace He has wanted to give you but that you have hindered through your own fault. Do the same on behalf of the whole world.*

2. Rely on God (without whom “you can do nothing”) for everything. This means having an unshakable trust in His infallible and unshakable promises.

3. Meditate on Christ’s humility e.g. in the Holy Eucharist, in the Incarnation, in His cruel Passion etc.

4. Receive the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist which is Christ Himself- the source of every grace.

* Although I have not read it, I have heard that ‘Humility of Heart’ (Cajetan) is excellent.


Some encouragement:

“You must be persuaded that your sinful past is in no way an obstacle to very close union with God. God forgives, and His forgiveness is Divine. With the Angels, God was not merciful because they had no miseries. With us, who are full of miseries, God is infinitely merciful. “The earth is full of the mercy of the Lord.” And what might appear astonishing, but is however very true, is that our miseries entitle us to God’s mercy.” – Bl. Dom Columba Marmion

“It is with coal that I make diamonds. What would I not do with a soul, however black she might be, who would give herself to Me!” – Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity

“With ruins, on ruins, I can build magnificently. It gives Me joy to use that which has humbled itself before Me, because My action is free.” – Jesus to Sr. Mary of the Trinity