Decalogue of Mercy.

(Dictated by Our Lord to Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero, September 12, 1915)

1. I am the God of all Mercy.

2. I seek nothing so much as to exercise Mercy continually.*

3. To exercise justice is for Me to go against the current; it does violence to Me.**

4. The door of My Mercy is never closed; it is always ajar; however lightly it is touched, it opens; even a little child can open it, or an old man who has lost his strength.

5. The door of My justice, on the contrary, is shut and locked; and I open it only to him who compels Me to do so; but I never open it spontaneously.

6. Once the soul has crossed the threshold of the door of My Mercy, she falls into the power of Love, who employs every possible means to hinder her from escaping, and to attract her to love her new abiding-place.

7. Having become the happy prisoner of Love, Love sets her at liberty, but only within the precincts of love; because if the soul should issue forth from this enclosure, she would meet death. Love does not prevent her departure, but he averts it and this is the bridle that he puts upon her.

8. The more evil the state to which the soul is reduced by the sins of the past, by her disorders and passions, so much the more pleased is Love to have so much to accomplish in her.

9. Souls the most miserable, the most weak, the most infirm, are the best clients of Love, the most desired by the divine Mercy.

10. These souls, thus become, as it were, the predilette [favourite] of God, will, like so many living monuments, exalt and magnify the multitude of His mercies, sending up to God the reflections of living light, His own light, which they have received from Him during their mortal life- the multitude of kindnesses God has made use of to conduct them to eternal salvation. These souls will shine like previous gems, and will form the crown of the Divine Mercy.

*“Consolata, you must never forget that I always am, and love to be, kind and merciful towards My creatures.” – Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone

**“If only you knew how I suffer when I must dispense justice. You see, My Heart needs to be comforted; It wishes to dispense mercy, not justice!” – Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone