Decalogue of Confidence.

(Dictated by Our Lord to Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero, September 11, 1915)

1. I have a God who is all mine.

2. This God, all mine, is my Father.

3. This God, all mine, wishes that I should be all His forever.

4. This God of love came down from Heaven to earth on purpose to seek me.

5. This God of love asks me for my heart.

6. This God of love wishes to be to me a brother, friend and consoler.

7. This God of love carries His tenderness so far as to wish to be my physician, my medicine, and more than all, my spouse.

8. This God of love wishes to be despoiled of His gifts, as a tree is stripped of its fruits, which in no wise complains, but rather produces more fruit. The tree must wait another year, but I produce fruit at once.

9. This God of love seeks only miseries to consume, imperfections to destroy, weak wills to fortify, and good resolutions to strengthen.

10. This God of love goes in search of those whom the world despises, abhors and abandons, that is, of poor sinners; and after having converted them through the delicacies of His charity and the attractions of His mercy, if He meets with the correspondence He seeks, He makes them masterpieces of holiness.