A Book You Shouldn’t be Without…

…’WORDS OF LOVE’ by Bartholomew Gottemoller!

This book is an ABSOLUTE GEM containing the words of Our Lord given to Sr. Josefa Menendez, Sr. Consolata Betrone and Sr. Mary of the Trinity.

Here are some words I would use to describe this book: consoling, beautiful, encouraging, inspiring, warm, illuminating, merciful, tender, and of course- loving.

Do yourself a favour and purchase it; then, do yourself a bigger favour and meditate slowly on each quote/phrase/revelation; then, do yourself and EVEN BIGGER favour and put what you’ve learnt into practice; this way, you will become a saint (and therefore fulfil the very purpose of your existence)!

Note: I would not recommend reading these (or any) private revelations unless they:
– Were revealed to HUMBLE, HOLY and OBEDIENT individuals (in this case: religious sisters)
– Do not contradict Church teaching
In addition to these two criteria, the revelations of this book:
– Provide profound insights
– Are “strikingly similar” to other revelations (words taken from foreword)
… which further enhances their credibility.