Decalogue of Love.

(Dictated by Our Lord to Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero, August 25th, 1915)

1. Give thyself to Love

2. Abandon thyself to Love

3. Follow Love.

4. Never go aside from Love.

5. Believe in Love.

6. Second Love.

7. Inculcate Love.

8. Let thyself be inflamed by Love.

9. Let thyself be used by Love.

10. Let thyself be consumed by Love.

1. Love gives itself to the soul that is given to It without reserve, without falling away, without absorption in other things.

2. Love takes an amorous care of the soul abandoned to It entirely.

3. Love guides, holds by the hand, and if necessary bears the souls wholly surrendered to It.

4. Love incloses within Itself the soul that is once surrendered to It, and permits it not to issue forth except by its own free will; nothing else can withdraw it from the power of Love.

5. Love rejoices when the soul believes in It in all its operations, even the most painful.

6. Love loves to be seconded, favoured and assisted; and It makes wonderful progress in the soul that aids It in this manner.

7. Love loves to be communicated; and It increases in the soul that communicates It to others in the same measure with which It is communicated.

8. Love, moreover, burns everything that is ready to burn; and the drier the thing the more quickly and easily it will burn.

9. Love rejoices in disposing not only of the soul, but of all its activities in favour of whomsoever It pleases.

10. Finally Love consumes even until the end that which is given to It if the soul offers no resistance.