A Prayer Before Bed…

**(This post was previously about a book competition, but it is now over. Congratulations to those who won!)

“Eternal Father, I desire to rest in Your Heart this night. I make the intention of offering to You every beat of my heart, joining to them as many acts of love and desire. I pray that even while I am sleeping, I will bring back to You souls that offend You. I ask forgiveness for the whole world, especially for those who know You and yet sin. I offer to You every breath and heartbeat as a prayer of reparation.” (Taken from ‘Prayers and Heavenly Promises’ by Joan Carroll Cruz).

Now consider the power of this simple little prayer, by meditating on the words of Jesus to His dear child, Sr. Josefa Menendez:

“During the night you will rest in My Heart! My Heart will listen to the beats of yours, which will be so many acts of love and desire. Thus even while you are sleeping, you will bring back to Me souls that so offend Me… Ask forgiveness for the whole world, especially for those that know Me and yet sin; offer yourself in reparation!”

Once we are aware of its power, how could we fail to neglect saying this prayer (or a similar prayer) every night? (If you have doubts about the power of prayer, you might benefit from reading an earlier post of mine- ‘The Immense Value of an Act of Love!’)