God desires YOUR love!

“Nothing is wanting in my heavenly beatitude, which is infinite, but I yearn for souls….I thirst for them, and want to save them.” – Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez

“Nothing gives Me so much delight as the heart of man, of which I am so often deprived. I have all good things in abundance. The heart of man is alone still wanting to me…” – Jesus to St. Gertrude

“I prefer an act of love and a Communion of love to any other gift which they may offer Me! … I’m thirsty of love, but of thorough love, the love of undivided hearts. Love me for all and every human heart that exists. I’m so thirsty of love. Quench my thirst. You can. You want to! Cheer up and forward!” – Jesus to Sr. Consolata Betrone

Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero said to Jesus, “My Jesus, one would say that Thou canst not live without me. What is it that attracts Thee to my soul? Then hast thou not the angels? Dost Thou not find Thy happiness in Thyself?” – “My Benigna,” He answered, “… it is true, all this is true; but it is also true that I have a human Heart, and that I love men… I have told thee this already, but I tell thee again that thou mayst write it, My little Secretary of Love; then I will cause it to be read, that souls may believe in My excessive love; men are My brothers.”

Remember: We cannot create love; we can only transmit God’s love, and in order to receive It, we must ask for it humbly.

**I could add many more quotes- just like these ones- about how much God desires each person’s love. Instead, I will direct you to a book. It is called ‘Words of Love’ by Bartholomew Gottemoller. It is absolutely heart-warming and inspiring! It contains the words of Jesus to Sr. Josefa, Sr. Consolata and Sr. Mary of the Trinity. The book has received an imprimatur.

Another similar book I recommend is ‘Jesus Appeals to the World’ by Fr. Lorenzo Sales, which contains the revelations of Sr. Consolata Betrone, as well as his [Fr. Lorenzo] own insightful writings, quotes from the saints etc. Lastly, the book ‘Consoling the Heart of Jesus’ by Fr. Michael Gaitley is a great book for everyone, but especially for those who- for whatever reason- have a hard time trusting in God. God Bless! +

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