“Prayer to Obtain the Grace of Boundless Confidence”

Dictated by our Lord to Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero: “My sweetest Jesus, God infinitely merciful, Most tender Father of souls, especially of the weakest, the most miserable, the most infirm, whom Thou bearest with singular tenderness in Thy divine arms, I come to beg of Thee through the love and the merits of Thy Sacred Heart, the grace to confide in Thee, the grace to confide more and more in Thy merciful goodness, the grace to repose securely for time and eternity in Thy divine and loving Arms.”

Don’t expect to attain this grace after one prayer! Actually, do! But if you don’t, don’t give up! Remember: God grants grace to the humble (read my post ‘Perseverance in Prayer’).